Lose Weight by New Year’s Eve: DAY 1

New Years Eve is this Friday!! I don’t know about you…but I always look forward to glamming it up in a new (short) party dress every year! So, I want to look my fittest on Friday when the ball drops and I’m out with my friends. This is going to be a challenge considering I spent the last few days with family and did have a few sweet treats and extra sodium : (  But, I’m prepared to kick but this week and see if I can drop at least 2lbs by Friday, so that I will look my best when I ring in 2011. I hope you’ll join me on this challenge! Post your ?’s and comments below and I’ll get back with ya!

Day 1 (Today’s) Workout:

Do at least 45min of cardio. This doesn’t have to be a 45min run or other continuous activity, although it can (try a cardio class or spin tonight).  You can break it up with strength training or do intervals. But, try to get in your 45minutes all in the same workout (ie, don’t do half in the AM and half in PM).
Do 3 sets of pushups. Do your first set to about 60% failure (where you feel like you could do 40% more), your second set to 20% failure (you’ve got a few more left in you) and your last set to complete failure (you can’t do even 1 more). Make sure you rest at least 60 seconds between sets and stretch.
Do 20 reverse lunges on each leg. When lunging on the right side add bicep curls with weights or bands. When lunging on the left, do overhead tricep extensions or kickbacks at the same time.
Abs: Do at least 10 minutes of abs. Get creative and do things on the mat, Bosu or balance ball. For ideas you can checkout free ab videos on ExerciseTV.

Diet Goal for Today:

Keep meals simple regardless of where you are eating. Tonight for dinner eat more veggies and greens and try to avoid breads, chips and dessert (duh!). I’ve been drinking lots of water today and my focal point for dinner will be a big salad w/avocado, feta, tomatoes and pecans. Yum.

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