Lose Weight by New Year’s Eve: DAY 2

Alright guys…one day down and 4 to go before NY Eve!! Are you doing this challenge with me??

Day 2 (Tuesday’s) Workout:

Do some H.I.I.T. – High Intensity Interval Training. I’m going to do my intervals with the jumprope, but you can use any cardio equipment or running. I do this workout a lot at they gym to really break a sweat. I’m still battling a knee injury, so I can’t do treadmill intervals : ( But luckily jumprope works just as well and gets my heart rate up almost as high. You can watch my sample jumprope video I did for ExerciseTV HERE!
For weight training (mixed in as intervals), I’m going to target the following muscle groups in this order: Quads, Glutes, Hamstrings, Chest, Shoulders, Back, Calves, Biceps, Triceps and lastly abs. Always start with bigger muscles first and work your way down to the smaller ones. Also, do compound exercises first (ones that work multiple muscle groups like lunges or pushups) and then isolated ones last.
Abs: Do at least 10 minutes of abs. Focus today on the eccentric phase, when you are lengthening your muscle on the “down” phase or release phase of the crunch. Most people just focus on the actual crunching or “up” concentric phase, but you can make it harder by slowly lowering yourself to the ground. You can do this by playing with speed. For instance, go up for 1 count (one quick crunch) and down for 5 counts (5-4-3-2-1 until your shoulders hit the floor). Make it hard!

Diet Goal for Today:

NO SUGAR! I need to detox from the sweets that I had over the weekend, so I’m eliminating all sugar from my diet, except for any I get from fruit. The only fruit I plan to eat is a few clementines as a snack, since they will also help me fight off any colds/allergies.

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