How To Get Rid of Those Few Pesky Pounds

Recently I was asked this question on ExerciseTV’s “Ask The Expert” Blog:

“For months I have been exercising 30-45 minutes 6 days a week with a variety of cardio, strength, and yoga. I do the more advanced workouts, push myself with weights, and I am pretty conscious of my diet (healthy choices, appropriate portions). I can’t lose any weight!!! I just want to get back down to my normal range but something isn’t clicking. Any suggestions????”

My Answer:
Well, it sounds like you are doing all the right things. Usually, when you are not losing weight it’s because you really aren’t burning as many calories as you think and/or you are consuming more calories than you think. So, I would really evaluate your workouts and see if maybe when your weight was lower…you were working out harder. This is why a food/workout journal is good…so you can track your progress and look back over time. But, if this is not the case….you could potentially have a thyroid issue or other medical problem, so you may want to check with your DR.One other possibility is that you are overdoing it. If you are working TOO hard, your body will kinda shut down and hang on to calories and fat because it thinks it is in crisis mode. So, if everything else checks out..maybe take an extra off day during the week to rest. Also, try mixing up your diet with new fruits and veggies. Hope that helps!”

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