My Workout Plan 3-Weeks Before Marathon

I decided to really try to strengthen my quads and other leg muscles the last 3-4 weeks before my marathon since I realized I have the dreaded “runners knee”.  As a trainer, I know there isn’t much you can do the last 2 weeks to really build strength, but…you never know and everyone responds differently. I figured it can’t hurt to try and it will at least get me on track for some spring races.

This plan isn’t for everyone and there are different forms of runner’s knee, so yours might not be the same as mine. *Also, I would NOT recommend starting a  plan like this at the onset of your injury. I started this plan after I decreased my runs over the last month and also took some time off. Leading up to this plan, my Saturday long runs looked like this: 16 miles (when it started hurting), 6 miles, 0 miles, 0 miles, 11 miles, 14 miles, 18 miles, 10 miles (today). I’ve also been doing pretty low weekly mileage the last 6-8 weeks because of my knee.

Here is my workout plan that I’ve been following the 3 weeks leading up to the marathon. I found that spinning and the elliptical still hurt my knee, but jumprope didn’t. Everyone is different, so you can swap out jumprope for another form of cardio. Hills didn’t seem to bother my knee, but if they do for you…just run your intervals flat or with minimal incline.

*Be sure to warmup 5-10minutes first and do some good leg stretches with special focus on quads (if you have runner’s knee) then stretch and use foam roller after each workout.*









1-hr Jumprope Intervals mixed with Pushups, Bands (inner/outter thighs), abs on mat Speed & Hills (4miles on TM) + Cable Machines for Lower Body & Upper Body + abs on Bosu + planks 1-hr Jumprope Intervals mixed with Wall sits (squeeze med ball between knees), deadlifts, Bi/Tri + abs on stability ball Marathon Pace (4-5miles)+ Bi/Tri + calves + Bridges +abs on Bosu 1-hr strength: Toe dips off bench, step-ups, leg lifts, shoulders + abs on Mat Long Run 18 miles Yoga (low back focus) + Stretches


same as above same as above same as above same as above same as above Long Run 10 miles Yoga (low back focus) + Foam Roll


same as above Easy Hills 3miles on TM + light cable machine workout w/focus on upper body + easy abs OFF Easy Run 2 miles on TM + Foam Roll Easy Run 2miles outside + Foam Roll OFF MARATHON (26.2 miles)!

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