What Does My Trainer Eat?

I get asked all the time about pre-made/prepped foods here in Houston. Everywhere you go there are stores and shops where you can pick up pre-packaged meals and snacks that are supposed to be “Fit” and made for people that want to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. For the most part, I think that most offer the right amount of calories and fat, with the exception of a few that are portioned for male bodybuilders (haha)!  So, your decision mainly lies with taste and price. Just watch sodium levels, because many that seem to taste better are loaded with salt.

I decided to try the new Snap Kitchen yesterday on Kirby to see what they offer. They have a cute store with a place to sit and eat inside as well as a salad bar, where someone will make you a custom salad. I bought a few things to try including their Spicy Sambal Tofu w/ veggies, Curry Dusted Cauliflower Steak w/lentils and the Spinach and Goat Cheese Scramble w/ sweet potatoes. I actually liked all of the dishes, except the tofu was a little too spicy for me. Some of their items are a little high in calories and fat (like the 290 calorie, 11g fat breakfast I had this AM), but that’s because they are pretty dense and filling. I ended up only eating 1/2 of the breakfast, so only had 1/2 the calories and fat. Overall, I think they have great variety (gluten free + vegetarian!) and would recommend this place for a quick meal on the go!

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