How To Eat Healthy – On the Plane

Whenever I fly, I try to pack a healthy snack – but sometimes that’s hard to do, especially on the return flight home. I always recommend options like fruit, nuts or other things that don’t have to be kept hot or cold. Last week I was at the Dallas Love Field airport  and came across this “Go Picnic” package that I found in one of their shops. At first glance, I thought this was going to be similar to some of the “snack packs” on the airlines that are loaded with junk and chemicals. But, I was pleasantly surprised! They have 3-4 of these “Go Picnic” packages that contain things like hummus, edamame, tuna and multi-seed crackers! I was in heaven! I grabbed the hummus + crackers kit below and it was very tasty. I had never had dry roasted edamame before and I loved it! The box contains enough food for 2 (I split it) and has 400 calories and 25g of protein. It looks like the brand has these kits at many major airports – so check their website next time you are traveling to see where you can get your own box.

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