New Year’s Resolutions – How To Commit To Fitness This Year!

It’s that time of year again – time to start thinking about what you want to accomplish during the next year! For most people, at least 1 of their resolutions will revolve around health, diet, or weight loss. It’s a popular choice because the new year means you can create a “new you”! But, it can be discouraging if you want to make big changes and don’t know where to start. Plus all the choices and options out there to help you reach your goals can be quite overwhelming. Most people end up wasting money on crazy fads, programs (no, you don’t need to buy “Insanity”!) and weird food products.

This year, save your mind (and body) by keeping it simple. All you need is some basic workout equipment (a set of weights or resistance band, a mat and good workout clothes/shoes), a journal and most importantly – a plan to help you reach your goals. Start by setting a goal for this week like “I’m going to join a gym” or “I’m going to go for a run 3 times this week”. Then, set a long-term goal for the next month, but be realistic – that is the key! If you tell yourself you are going to lose 10lbs this month, it probably won’t happen and then come February you will just give up. Instead, make realistic goals like” I’ll join a bootcamp“, “I’ll ask a trainer for help” or “I’m going to lose at least 3lbs and get stronger this month”.

Things that can help you stick with it:

  • A food and/or workout journal. This doesn’t have to be fancy, but if you want to buy one – I like the Fitbook and also the Ultimate Pocket Workout Journal.
  • A trainer. Not in your budget? Join a bootcamp or get a gym membership where you can take free classes (I like Fit in Houston). Most people will stick with their workouts if they do them in a group setting. Plus, it’s just more fun!
  • Realistic goals (see above).
  • Sign up for a race, contest or team sport. If you have to train for an event, you are more likely to stick with your workouts. Also, tell your friends and family about it or post it on Facebook in order to hold yourself accountable!
  • Get the right tools. I love magazines, specifically: Women’s (or Men’s) Health, Shape, Fitness, Oxygen and Muscle & Fitness. Get a subscription so that you get one of these every month. This will supply you with a new workout, recipes and other tools to keep you on track. Plus, I find (at least for me) that when a magazine is filled with fit people – it really motivates me to get my butt to the gym!
  • New Gear. Get the right kind of shoes for your workout, try a new bright water bottle or a cute new outfit! If you look good and feel confident you are more likely to stick with your workout.
  • Look for online resources and subscribe to fitness blogs (like mine if you haven’t already!!). I like FitSugar,, , and


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