What To Eat For A Healthy Dinner

I buy frozen Mahi Mahi packs from Whole Foods almost every week because it’s one of my favorite things too cook. Mahi Mahi is a really light and easy fish to bake, grill, broil or even poach. My favorite way to use it is to make grilled fish tacos. When I don’t want to grill outside, I’ll use my indoor grill or George Foreman Grill to cook the fish. I season it with a little Mrs. Dash, chili powder, ground cayenne pepper, lemon and olive oil. Then, I serve it on one whole wheat tortilla with diced tomato, arugula, mango and avocado. It’s a perfect healthy dinner!

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  • Amy Darbonne March 8, 2011  

    I buy those too! Good idea to cook them on the mini Foreman Grill…I never thought to do that. Now I can’t wait to try 🙂

  • cari March 8, 2011  

    Thanks for the comment, Amy! Yeah..I grill them inside a lot and they still turn out great!

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