Football Challenge Series with ExerciseTV

Join my new challenge series with ExerciseTV! This week’s challenge is called “Don’t Be A Wide Receiver” and it’s the first of 4 football themed workouts to appear on ExerciseTV.TV. To join the challenge, visit their Facebook Fan Page and click on the “Breakfast Club” link on the side. Or, visit SocialWorkout’s website and you can officially join there.

This week we want you to get focused, get your head in the game and work on slimming down and toning up! ┬áTry to fit in this total body workout every day this week if you can. Also, be sure to eat a “clean” diet and remember to eat a healthy breakfast every day!

*You DO NOT need a football or access to a football field for these workouts ; ) For the next 4 weeks you only need 1 set of light/medium weights (or something from around your house) and medicine ball (optional).



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