Jump Squats: 1 Move For Total Body Toning

Looking for 1 single move to tone your legs, core and shoulders that also counts as cardio? Try the jump squat! I love these and Carrie and mix them in at our bootcamp a lot! You can do it with or without weight – but if you use weight, I wouldn’t use more than a 10lb dumbbell or medicine ball.

Jump Squat How-To

  1. Start with feet wider than hips and hold your weight at your chest.
  2. Lower your body down into a full squat position with your butt sitting back (like in a chair) and your knees stay on top of your ankles (not moving forward towards toes). As you do this, straighten your arms and lower the weight towards the floor (it’s ok if it doesn’t touch). Just make sure you are squatting down and not leaning over (keep shoulders back and chest up).
  3. Straighten you legs and bring the weight back up to your chest.
  4. In one swift movement, raise your arms above you and jump! Make sure not to arch your back and use your legs to power you up. Land back softly on your feet with your knees slightly bent.

*For those of you more advanced – take out all the pauses and do this in one quick fluid movement. After your jump land back into the squat so you are ready to repeat the move. You will move the weight fast: chest, floor, chest, up!

Aim for 10-20 reps and try for 2-3 sets with rest in between. I like to mix in 10-12 reps in between strength training to keep my heart rate up! If it gets too hard – you can lighten the weight or do it without weight.


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