Join Me and Fitness Magazine to Get “Fit For Summer”!


fitnesscovermayI’m so excited to be a new contributor for Fitness Magazine and I’ve designed the new “Bikini Body Bootcamp” series in the May 2013 issue! It’s part of their “Fit For Summer” Series and includes 4 weeks of my Bikini Body Bootcamp workouts (cardio + strength circuits), along with diet tips and a swimsuit guide! I will also be featured weekly on their Facebook Page in May to give some extra tips! Be sure to get your copy asap (you can also download it for you iPad) and then signup for the series on their site here to be entered in a contest to win prizes and get weekly email updates about the plan to keep you on track!


I will also be featuring some of the exercises over the next month, along with extra tips. To get a jump start on the plan – practice the move below this week to start toning your legs!

Screen Shot 2013-04-22 at 2.01.43 PMToe Dips

(This is one of my favorites and we do it a lot at Bombshell Bootcamp. You’ll really feel the burn in your quads and butt if you do it correctly.)

Targets abs, butt, and quads

  • Stand tall on top of a bench or stair with feet shoulder-width apart, abs engaged. Shift weight to left leg, lifting right foot behind you.
  • Slowly bend left knee, lowering right foot behind you (as if dipping toes into a pool of water). Keep left knee centered over toes. Slowly stand up and repeat for 1 minute; switch sides.

*Extra tips:
To make this harder, hold a weight (as the model is doing in the pic). I also recommend doing this on a pretty high bench or step (bench hits around mid-shin to knee level). To make it easier, use a shorter step or bench as pictured. To feel it more in your butt/glutes – press your heel into the bench and try to keep contact with your heel and the bench the whole time.

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