Pyramid Workout

I love doing what I call “Pyramid Workouts” at my bootcamp because the workout goes by really fast and it’s a fun way to challenge your muscle endurance and get in a lot of reps! I actually do an inverted pyramid/triangle by starting with the biggest # of reps (ie 10 below) and finishing with 1 rep each. Below are 2 samples. Repeat each workout 1-2 times depending on your level and how much time you have.


Start at the base of the pyramid with 10 reps of everything and work your way to the top and finish with 1 rep of everything. Perform all 3 in each set (ex 10 pushups, 10 sets of jump lunges, 10 bicep curls) then go back and do them all 9 times (9 pushups, 9 sets of jump lunges, 9 bicep curls) , then 8 and so on….all the way down to 1 rep each. Rest 30-60 seconds between each (more for beginners and no rest for advanced) round and make sure to warmup at least 5-10 min before you start working out!



*For the jump lunges do sets (ie left and right=1 rep).


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