New Mom Workout With Jamie Eason, Kelsey Byers & Hilary Hall

From left: Hilary Hall, Cari Shoemate, Jamie Eason and Kelsey Byers

I recently interviewed my friends and fellow Houstonians Hilary Hall, Jamie Middleton (Eason) and Kelsey Byers to find out how they got back in shape so quickly after they had their babies (they look AMAZING in person btw!) They shared with me some great tips for new moms (really for anyone who wants to get fit) as well as their favorite moves that helped them bounce back after pregnancy. Below is a sample workout I put together that includes their top exercises they recommend for new moms.

Bounce Back After Baby – 20 Minute New Mom Workout

*Always consult with your doctor before beginning any new diet or fitness routine. Be sure that you are cleared by your doctor before you try this or any workout.


Warmup first for 5-10 minutes. Go for a walk around the block with your baby or do something easy that gets your blood flowing and heart rate elevated a little. Then, do each of these exercises for 60 seconds each. Just do as many reps as you can while challenging yourself but not overdoing it. If you want to make it harder – use heavier weight and to make it easier, just use body weight and slow down a little.

Do each for 60 seconds:

  • Pushups or modified pushups (Cari): Do these in sets of 10-15 and rest in between as needed. Do as many sets as you can in 60 seconds, even if it’s just one! View this demo video here.
  • DB Goblet Squat to Medicine Ball (Jamie) Start sitting on a large medicine ball (or swiss ball up against a wall for stability) and hold 1 dumbbell at your chest with both hands (optional).  Press through your heels and stand up into a squat position (see pic) while not letting knees go past your toes. Then, lower back down and just barely touch the ball with your backside for each repetition. Your squat position should look like this: Eason1
  • Reverse lunges (Kelsey):  Do lunges on the right side 30 seconds then left 30 seconds. View her demo here.
  • Spiderman Plank Jacks (Jamie): These are great for working your shoulders, core and lower body! View her demo here.
  • Deadlifts (Cari): These are great to strengthen your low back. Just make sure you have proper form and start with a lighter weight – especially if you were just cleared to workout. Here is my how-to article.
  • Triceps Dips on Chair (Kelsey): Tricep dips are great to tone the backs of the arms and improve your posture! View her demo here.
  • Low Plank Alternating Reach (Hilary): View her demo here.
  • Plank Hip Dips (Hilary): View her demo here.

*repeat all of these exercises 1-2 times or for approximately 20 minutes for the best results.

Core Tips: It’s important for new moms to build their core back up slowly after baby because that area has really been stressed over the last year. Planks are one of the best exercises to strengthen your entire core (not just abs in the front but also your back and sides).

Here are Hilary’s top tips for planks: “Planks can be done anywhere and can be fun with children of all ages. Newborns make it fun cause you can have them laying on their backs under your chin and give them a little smooch between repetitions. Toddlers will love trying to join in and do the exercise as well. Give them a task like counting the seconds (or repetitions) and you are adding a healthy math lesson lesson to your training. Big kids love planks and will help you find ways to make it harder for you which helps mom push past plateaus. My family creates monthly challenges together that we all try to beat.”

BONUS – Kelsey Byers’ Exclusive 20 minute workout routine

“These are my go-to workouts moves for the house! Set your timer for 20 minutes and go!”

  • Jump rope 50 rotations between each exercise
  • Resistance band bicep curls (biceps) 3 x10
  • Dumbbell shoulder press with a squat (shoulders and glutes) 3 x 15
  • Glute kickbacks on all fours (glutes) 4 x 15
  • Crunches (abs) 3 x 50
  • Stationary lunges (legs) 4 x 15
  • Modified push-ups or push-ups (chest) 3 x 10
  • Triceps dips on a chair (triceps) 3 x 12
  • Resistance band row on floor (for back) 3 x 12

*repeat all if you have time

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