Workouts FOR Your Baby

Most new moms tend to focus a lot (A LOT) on getting their pre-baby body back after pregnancy. So, we try to spend as much time in between feedings, sleep (or lack there of) and baby activities focusing on our own fitness. But, what about your baby? Should your baby be getting some exercise too? During your baby’s first few months of life – they don’t need too much to do and it’s all about eating,sleeping and growing. But, after about 3 months, when they start to move more (and you aren’t as afraid to take them out in public) it can be good for them to get in their own “baby workout”!


With my first baby I tried baby yoga at a local studio and loved it. Then, I also came up with our own baby workouts and have some sample routines that you can do with your baby here. Yoga is great for babies because it stretches them, relaxes them and helps them be more aware of their newfound hands, feet and bodies. Baby yoga is great to do at home, or check for local “mommy and me” yoga classes in your city.

Swimming and Floating

The other week I took my new baby to Float Baby in Houston and loved it! I had seen an a video online and knew we had to check it out! My baby just loved being in the water and loved splashing all around. The facility was super nice and clean and each baby gets their own giant tub. Then, after we were taught how to massage our babies by the owner Kristi. My baby was super relaxed and slept very well the next few days. I would highly recommend Float Baby if you live in the Houston area. If you can’t take this class – swimming classes are great to start at a young age. Many babies love “swimming” and being in the water. Check with your local gym, YMCA or swim club.


For this exercise – I recommend that your baby is at least 6 months old so that they have stable head control. Obviously you also don’t want to bounce your baby too much and you want them to be safe and comfortable. But, babies (especially older babies) love to bounce and it can be great exercise for them! They love to move their legs and bouncing helps their legs get stronger and prepare for walking. I like the old fashioned Johnny Jump Up (doorway bouncer) and I also have used the Exersaucer Bouncer with both of my kids. You just don’t want to leave them alone or have them bounce for too long or they will get frustrated and not like it anymore.


*Please check with your baby’s pediatrician before beginning any exercises with your baby and make sure they are old enough.



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