Lighter Thanksgiving Recipes

Usually for Thanksgiving, most of us like to make traditional family recipes – but those usually end up being not so healthy and are considered “comfort foods” – aka fatty. There is nothing wrong with having these in moderation (yes that’s me above making stuffing a few years ago…before I left for the Turkey Trot!) but if you can….swap a few items out for healthier versions. You can find a few recipes and ideas on how to make your T-Day healthier in my other¬†post HERE¬†and below you’ll find some of my favorite lighter recipes that you may want to try this year. Happy Thanksgiving!


Herb Roasted Turkey Breast


Easy Kale Salad


Harvest Quinoa Salad


Corn and Feta Salad


Green Bean Casserole With Madeira Mushrooms


Poached Pears

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