Detoxing After the Holidays

After the holidays many of us feel the urge to “detox” and rid our bodies of all the crap we’ve been eating. But, how far do you really need to go in order to get rid of all the fat, calories and toxins that your body is holding on to? I did a blog post about this […]

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How Much Protein Do I Need?

Each week, the winner of the ExerciseTV and SocialWorkout challenge gets to ask me their top 3 fitness questions and help me chose a topic/exercise for an upcoming video. I thought I’d share the question I got from last week’s winner, because it’s one I get a lot. I think many people are confused about […]

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Checkout Fergie’s Diet!

Did you see Fergie at the Grammy’s a few weeks ago? She looks amazing! She reportedly gained 13-17lb for her movie Nine but has since lost all the weight and now looks leaner than ever. She has to work just as hard as everybody else to maintain her shape. It’s no secret that she works […]

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