New Exercise TV Trainer!

I’m so excited to be one of Exercise TV’s newest trainers! I flew out to LA last week to film my videos. My workouts include: “Yoga Bootcamp”, “Ab Bootcamp”, “Lean Legs Beginners”, “Lean Legs Advanced” and “Lean Legs – Total Lower Body Makeover”! I had the most amazing experience and it went better than I could have expected. The day started around 10:30am when me and Nancy (my “tech”) arrived at the studio. We were greeted with snacks and coffee and shown to my dressing room that had a huge selection of clothes for me to pick for my videos (I brought some too). 025

I found out that Jillian Michaels had just been there a few days before and used the same studio and background! I even saw her shoes in the dressing room! cool, huh?


After we got settled in, it was off to hair and makeup and the makeup artist was great! She gave me these really cool fake lashes that look great on camera.


Then, I did a photo shoot with the photographer and a little later started filming my leg series workouts. 035

Each were filmed in 10min “blocks” so that I could take a quick break after each, which came in handy after the advanced leg workout! Also, Nancy really helped me with my cue cards…writing them out for me and also helping me to count my reps so I didn’t get off. She did an amazing job! We had a break and a nice catered lunch while they fit in another trainer that was doing a few quick workouts. During that time, I got a sneak peak into the production trailer where the producer and director called the shots for the cameras and communicated with the crew. It was pretty cool! After all that,  and a few more changes of clothes, I went back into the studio to finish my bootcamp series. We ended up wrapping up around 8pm…just in time to have a great dinner at Boa on Sunset! It was such an amazing day and I can’t wait to go back and work with them again!! Stay tuned because the videos and info. on Exercise TV’s site should be up in the next couple of months.


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  • Nancy Mathe January 23, 2010  

    You are awesome!!!!!!!!! The BEST trainer I know for sure! Great job!

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