New Favorite Products!

I thought I’d share a few of the new things I really like right now : )

Jala Lemon Green Tea Frozen Yogurt Bar

I normally don’t buy a lot of ice cream or frozen products, but these caught my eye a few weeks ago at Central Market. Now I’m hooked. After eating one of the Lemon and Green Tea (my favorite) bars, I had to go back and re-read the box because I though I bought something high fat by accident. Nope! These have only 110 calories, 1 g of Fat and 15g Sugar (not bad for ice cream/fro-yo).

Ipod Nano Touch

Until recently, I was using my 4G Nano, which works great. But, I was having a problem finding a good lightweight arm band that I liked. The one that’s made for the Nano doesn’t fit it correctly and all the others were either too bulky or didn’t allow easy scrolling. So, I decided to get the new Nano Touch ($149) so that I could do my runs and workouts without my bulky armband. I didn’t like them before because I wanted to be able to see my playlists and have options. With this new version, you can easily scroll through your playlists, see album covers and more. Plus, you can turn it into a cool watch!

lucy Propel Knee Pant in Navy

I already have this pant in black, but love the navy version! Plus, it has a cute pink inner drawstring that you could let show through. I spend 90% of my week either in these propel pants or my similar Nike capris. I am able to teach my classes, run errands and also go for a long run…all in the same pant.

Pantene Replenishing Mask

I’ve been using Pantene for most of my life and I’ve always had great results. They now have products that are specific to different hair types and colors, which I really like since I have long hair.  I’ve been using this mask about once a week as replacement for my conditioner and I just love the way it makes my hair shine and it gets out all the tangles I have from numerous gym sessions and long runs with my hair twisted up under my baseball cap!

Hail Merry Holiday Tins

I’ve been a fan of Hail Merry ever since I found their macadamia nut and red pepper dip at Whole Foods. I like how their products are all natural with very simple ingredients. Yes, some are a little high in calories or fat, but that’s because it’s from good fats…usually nuts! I love this cute holiday tin with a sample of pecans! It includes an assortment of 4 raw seasoned pecan flavors: Orange Rosemary, Lemon Thyme, Chimayo Chile & Chocolate Chimayo Chile Pecans! You can get their products at Whole Foods or order online.

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  • Amy Darbonne November 17, 2010  

    Love the Lucy capris too! Lucy has quickly become my favorite store for workout pants…great fit and they wash/wear really well.

  • cari November 18, 2010  

    Thanks, Amy! Yeah…they have the best fit!

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