Lose Weight by New Year’s Eve: DAY 3

Day 3 (Wednesday’s) Workout:

For cardio do something with resistance so that your cardio workout also becomes a leg workout. I prefer running on an incline or hill runs outside. But, since my knee is bothering me…I may hit the spin bike. You can do the elliptical, but you really need to amp up the resistance and inclines. Make it hard for your legs and keep them tight, regardless of what you are doing. For a sample incline workout click HERE.
For weight training Focus more on the smaller muscles today. Do 3-4 sets of machine or free weight exercises that target rear delts, biceps, triceps, calves and traps. Mix in a couple leg exercises if you have time…but focus on these individual muscles and really visualize what you are working. Google the anatomy of each and what the muscle looks like during the concentric and eccentric phase (discussed yesterday). If you really think about what you are working, you will get better results. The mind/body connection is amazing.
Abs: Do at least 10 minutes of abs. Focus today on obliques. Do bicycles, side crunches, captains chair (at the gym) with a twist, etc. You can add weight to really make it harder.

Diet Goal for Today:

Eat fewer carbs and a little more protein. It doesn’t have to be meat. Try quinoa, greek yogurt, protein powders/shakes (make your own), low-sugar protein cereal, etc. Don’t totally eliminate carbs, but try to keep them in the earlier part of the day and stick to whole grains.

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