Lose Weight by New Year’s Eve: DAY 4

Day 4 (Thursday’s) Workout:

For cardio Do 30 minutes of steady cardio and then mix in 5 intervals of 5 minutes each in between your weight training, so you get a total of 55min of cardio today. You can do it all on one machine, you can run outside and keep weights nearby or you can mix it up and do the treadmill, kettlebell, jumprope, bike, elliptical or other type of cardio equipment.
For weight training Try drop sets to really shock your muscles. It’s best to do this on machines at the gym, but you can do it with free weights as long as you have multiple weights. I like to do a modified version of a drop set, where I do 4 sets of 4 reps (back to back) for a 16 rep total. For instance, when I’m doing the cable shoulder machine, I start with 45lbs and do 4 reps, drop to 40lb and do 4 reps, drop to 35lbs/4 reps and finish at 30lb for 4 reps. If you prefer, you can do 5-5-5 for 15reps. Start with a heavy enough weight where it’s almost too hard to do the 4 reps. If you normally do your biceps with 10lb free weights, start with 20lb and work your way down to 5lbs. Just make it hard! I would only do 2 sets of these for each muscle group and target legs and arms. Make sure to do your 30min of cardio first so that your muscles are really warmed up.
Abs: Do at least 10 minutes of abs. Focus today on planks. Do forearm planks, side planks (with some dips), planks w/your arms extended and try leg and arm raises during your plank.

Diet Goal for Today:

Make sure to eat at least 6 small meals. Your “meals” don’t have to be chicken and asparagus…get creative. Even something small like a banana and a handful of nuts can count as one of your meals.

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