Healthy 4th of July Foods + Bonus Holiday Workout


Here are some healthy ideas for the 4th to help you all stay on track and look your best!


Grilling? Try veggie kabobs (I picked up some pre-made from Whole Foods), lean meats, fish, portobello mushrooms and even tempeh or tofu! Checkout this RECIPE from Whole Foods.

Another favorite of mine is grilled fruit! It’s super easy and is a great substitute for cakes, cookies or other high-calorie desserts. My 2 favorites are pineapple and peaches. Just grill until they are hot with grill marks (1-2 minutes per side) and the fruit has had time to caramelize. Watermelon is also a 4th of July favorite and is great for your waistline! Looking for something more festive? Try my recipe of the month: Revolutionary Berries.

Don’t let this be a long weekend of NOT working out! There are a ton of fun group activities going on this weekend such as 5ks (like the “Run Wild” 5k), bike rides, hikes and other outdoor activities. It’s not too late to sign up! But, if you’d rather jus workout on your own, that’s fine too…as long as you make it a challenge! Remember…the more you workout this weekend, the better you’ll feel about all the food you consume (I hope it’s not a lot) and you’ll also keep your strong and sexy summer shape. Here is a sample workout that you can try. Do it at least once this weekend and if you want to really blast calories, do it every day!



You’ll need: 1 set of medium weights (or use a resistance band) + a mat or towel for abs

Warmup first for 5 minutes first (easy walk, side steps or other low-impact exercise).

Circuit 1:
20 pushups
20 squats (with weights if you want to make it harder)
20 walking lunges
3 minutes of cardio* (running stairs, jogging in place, kettlebell swings, jumprope, etc)
*Get your heart rate up to about 80-90% of your max and make it hard!

12-15 overhead shoulder presses
20 Side Lunges (10 on each side) with one or two of your weights to make it harder
12-15 Bent Over Rows (for mid back) – use both weights or a resistance band under feet.
3 minutes of cardio*

50 Kneeling Donkey Kicks on each leg (on all 4’s on mat and lift one heel up towards ceiling, repeat)
12-15 Bicep Curls
12-15 Tricep kickbacks (keep back flat and elbow at 90 degrees)
3 minutes of cardio*

Ab Circuit:
40 Bicycle Crunches (20 on each side)
30 leg raises (on back and drop legs towards the ground without arching your back, pull them back to top)
3 30-60 second forearm planks
3 minutes of cardio*

TIP: REPEAT All Circuits if you have time!

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