Balance & Hip Opener Sequence – Featured in OM Yoga Magazine!

I’m so excited to be featured in this month’s OM Yoga Magazine! This UK based magazine has always been a favorite of mine and I was flattered when they asked me to be in one of their issues. Special thanks to my photographer Jill Hunter, who took some amazing shots!

You can get your copy at Barnes and Noble in stores nationwide, or you can dowload the OM Yoga app for your iPod/iPhone!

For more details about my Balance & Hip Opener Sequence, please see below.


The poses in this sequence will challenge your balance and also strengthen and stretch your hips. In order to get stronger (where you can hold the pose longer and/or have better form) I recommend that you mix in some strength training at least 2-3 times a week. All of these require core strength as well (a strong core helps your balance), so don’t forget to include abdominal workouts at the END of each of your workouts or even after a yoga class. I would do things like : v-ups, leg raises, reverse crunches and planks (forearm and “yoga” variations). Many yoga poses, including some of these, also build leg strength. However, if you feel you balance is off, your knees are wobbly or you just can’t hold some of the poses – you probably need to strengthen your quads. If your knees are ok, mix in squats and lunges each week. If not, I would do wall-sits (less impact and movement for the knee) and leg extensions or the “leg extension” machine at your gym. With all poses and sequences – practice and patience helps a lot! Don’t get frustrated with it, just remember that your yoga practice and time spent on the mat is time for you. Just focus on yourself & your mat and remember to breathe!

 For pose details, click below:












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