Cari’s Favorites For Pregnancy, Postpartum & Baby

I just had my second baby a couple of months ago and wanted to share some of my favorite items for those of you who are expecting or also have little ones. I feel that pregnancy and postpartum relates to health and fitness – so I thought I’d share on my blog. What are your favorites? Comment below!

Pregnancy Favorites

I love Beyond Yoga leggings because they are super soft and stretch really well – which is perfect for pregnancy. For non-workout pregnancy clothes I really liked Old Navy and H&M (outfit pictured below). I love coffee but I’m not a die-hard caffeine person so doing without wasn’t too hard. But, I found that many decaf coffees just didn’t taste the same. I found this one by Lavazza at Whole Foods and love it! For workouts – I got a pair of adjustable weights that I could use throughout my pregnancy and that didn’t take up too much space.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 3.36.08 PM

H&M Maternity

Postpartum Favorites

I really like this lilac nursing bra by Bravado that I got from Target. For workouts – I like the Juno bra by Moving Comfort and also would just double up on these lightweight seamless Champion bras from Target (you can remove the pads when you double them for support). Staying hydrated after you have your baby is important – especially if you are nursing. I like my Camelback bottle but also love this pretty one by Kate Spade. My favorite diaper bags are ones that I can carry every day as a “normal” purse. I really like ones by Timi and Leslie and I’m currently using this one from the Honest Company.


For Baby

I absolutely love these onesies from Nordstrom because they are super soft and also durable. I’ve seen so many people post pics on Instagram with their babies in cute moccasins so I had to get a pair for my little girl. I love these metallic ones from Freshly Picked. With my son – he slept in a bassinet for the first few months but with our daughter we’ve found that it works best just to have her sleep with us, at least while she’s a newborn. I love this “Dock A Tot” sleeper that fits in the bed with you (so you don’t roll over on baby!)and it also works great for naps and for playtime when you want to keep your baby secure. Another Instagram find is the “Milk Snob” carseat and nursing cover. I already have a few nursing covers that work ok and I usually just use a lightweight blanket to cover my carseat when we take our baby places. But, this cover by “Milk Snob” is great because it stretches and covers the carseat perfectly and it’s also very lightweight and breathable – perfect for Houston! It also works great as a nursing cover and isn’t too hot.


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