My 2019 Fitness Goals

Happy New Year guys! I hope you all are off to a great start in 2019! I wanted to share with you my fitness goals for this year. I think by sharing them (also on social media) it will help me stay accountable. I’d also like to hear what goals you have!

This past year was a little rough for me…I had some personal struggles and also some physical setbacks (one of which was 2 torn menisci in my left knee!) but I’m ready to get back on track this year! After my daughter was born 2.5 years ago I didn’t rush to get back into shape like I did with my son. I got back (or close) to my pre-pregnancy weight with him pretty quickly when he was about 4-5 months old because I had to fly out to LA to film an Oakley fitness video! I was so stressed and tried hard to diet and workout and I was so anxious about the whole thing! Plus, none of the other girls in the shoot were moms and nobody understood about breastfeeding/pumping and they were not sympathetic! I was so nervous to leave him and it was so hard to pump on the plane and in between takes of shooting the videos! Now looking back on it – it was so not worth it and I wish I wouldn’t have put that pressure on me. So, the second time around – I did the opposite but was actually not disciplined enough! When my daughter turned one I was ready to go at it 100% but then I tore my knee and I couldn’t do much for about 5 months. Only recently have I gotten back into running, which I’ve missed so much! Also, over the last couple of years my diet has not been the best. I eat way too many carbs, drink too much wine and just overall need to eat less! Being honest!

So….I’m committing to make some serious changes this year and get back to my previous fit self! I’m not exactly aiming to get back to where I was before kids – but the fittest version of the “new” me. One that can be flexible at times with diet and exercise and just overall healthier and stronger. I want to lose weight and lean out.

How am I planning to succeed? We all know having a plan is key! One of the tools I’m going to use is a new fitness ebook I’m excited to launch this month with my friend and fitness/fashion/lifestyle blogger Megan from Honey We’re Home! I’ve been following her for years and love how organized she is and how she always gets s**t done (GSD!). She has competed in 2 bikini competitions and is super fit. She is a mom of 2 and makes it a priority and is so inspiring! We teamed up to create this amazing ebook (digital) that includes 4 weeks worth of meal plans, detailed workouts and lifestyle tips plus a special 7 Day Fitness Restart! Megan also shares her tips on organization, how to declutter your mind and space to set yourself up for success. We have also worked together on the meal plan and have incorporated some of my meals and recipes that I had some former clients use and test (like the Rockets Power Dancers and Bombshell Bootcamp) as well as Megan’s meals and her favorite fit recipes. The workouts are tried and true and Megan has been doing them over the last few weeks. She has shared her experience on her Instagram page and stories…so be sure to follow her. This ebook is going to be amazing – trust me! I plan to follow it for at least 6 weeks and aim to lose about 10-15lbs! JOIN ME!

We are launching the ebook at the end of January and it will be for sale on her blog. Please subscribe to her blog (and mine!) to get updates and details about pre-sale and discounts! The plan will be for all-levels (beginner to advanced) and great for anyone short on time (other moms out there – this is for you!). We even have a vegetarian week of meals! 


Happy 2019! Comment below and let me know what your goals are! Let’s do this together!

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  • Megan | Honey We're Home January 7, 2019  

    I’m so excited for this! We’re gonna do it together with so many amazing women!

  • Jackie Richardson January 7, 2019  


    I love your honesty about your struggles. It’s always refreshing to see that people in the fitness industry struggle too. We have our ups and downs and life happens and can throw it out of whack! I

    have missed going to boot camp. It’s been too long! I now teach barre cams trampoline classes at Define memorial green. I’d love for you and Meghan to come take a class sometime! They’re a lot of fun. I love her blog too!

    Happy New Year!

  • Cari Shoemate January 30, 2019  

    Hi Jackie! So good to hear from you! Thanks so much for reading the post and relating : ) That’s great you are teaching classes now! I’ll have to come try out one of your classes soon! I’ll checkout at the schedule online! Keep in touch!

  • Cari Shoemate January 30, 2019  

    Me too Megan! This is such an amazing project and I’m super proud if it!

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